Did you just sign a lease agreement or just purchased a new office or house? If yes, the first thing which will come in your mind is relocation.

Relocating from one place to another can be a daunting, time consuming and sometimes even costly task.

Hiring a professional moving company can really help you to ease your relocation and comes with numerous benefits. If you are looking forward to hire movers and packers in Malaysia then you can stumble upon numerous options.
Seeking the services from a reputable company with experience, professional staff, good reviews from previous customers, reasonable rates is really recommended.

With EAZY Movers Malaysia, your moving becomes stress free, easy and you know that everything will be handled perfectly, but back in your mind you might be thinking about the costs involved as well. Moving sometimes can be costly depending on the things which you intend to move, the place where want to move, number of trucks required and so on.
That’s why it’s always advisable that you find ways to save money wherever you can during your relocation. Outlined below are few tips which can help you to save money while moving.


It is very obvious that you will have numerous things accumulated if you have lived in that particular place for a long time. While you start packing for relocation, you will find many things which you require for day to day use, which you use occasionally or things which you even don’t know that it existed in your house. The more things you plan to move will eventually result in increased cost as you will require additional packing items, a bigger truck to move the things and an extra shipping cost. You can save your money if you can get rid of stuff which you feel is not important. You can place your things in categorizes like indispensible, valuable, enjoyable, no longer needed and useless. Small things like old clothes, shoes, games, and appliances which are outdated can be disposed off. Big items like furniture, kitchen appliances, cupboards etc which you feel that doesn’t suit your new surroundings can be sold online or give it to someone in use. This will help you dispose your unwanted items easily, thus helping you save money. Remember every penny counts!


You can visit the local grocery store and ask for some boxes which they won’t mind to give you few. This will help you to pack small things like clothes, books, shoes, CD’s, posters, games etc. You can also ask for wine boxes from the local liquor stores as wine boxes have divisions which can help you pack your glasses, liquor bottles, dishes etc. Such boxes can help you protect your glassware. It’s not necessary to seek the help of movers and packers for such small items, you can get easily place it your pickup truck or car trunk.


Packing is the most important part of your relocation. It’s a normal tendency of people to use the saved newspaper for packing. However it is advisable to avoid using newspapers because the black ink can rub off onto your dishes, glasses, clothes etc. You don’t want an extra work of washing things off while you are in the middle of unpacking your things and setting up your new home. Buying wrapping paper is advisable as packing paper is acid and ink free and big enough to cover or pack most of your items. Wrapping paper are strong enough when compared to news paper and therefore it is recommended to use this paper as filler in the boxes which are partially filled as it acts a cushion. Wrapping paper packing ensures that the things placed in the box don’t shift or move during transit. A packing paper can provide necessary support to the things packed in the boxes when compared to newspapers as they are relatively thin, soft and crumbles tightly.


Larger furniture can make your move a little difficult as you will have to fit through small corridors, doors, stairway etc and sometimes crouching through such small spaces can damage your furniture. Big furniture also takes enormous amount of space in the truck which can therefore make your move costly. Therefore it’s recommended that if you can self dismantle and assemble simple furniture, it can help you save money on transportation as well as on a carpenter. Shifting out assembled furniture is easy, requires less labor and also protects your furniture from wear and tear. For the furniture like pool tables, beds, wardrobes etc which can be difficult to dismantle or assemble you can seek the help of movers Malaysia.


Drilling work if not done properly can damage the paint and the walls to a great extent. You can seek the help of movers and packers for this, but it can be risky as they may not be professional or may be in a hurry to finish off the task quickly. However, you can perform basic drilling work on your own because some job is pretty simple and can be done by own. Wall drilling is a basic thing and can be managed by anyone who is good enough with tools. Drilling out the crown molding, painting, art work etc can be done easily by you. So why spend unnecessarily on the things which can be performed by you.


Moving in to your new space is always exciting but before you move in or before your stuff arrives it’s always recommended to clean it. The first and foremost part of the house which you would like to get started with is the kitchen. Once you are done with the fridge, stove, sink, kitchen cabinets, floor etc you can move on to the living room as that’s the place where your family is going to spend most of the time. You can then clean the washrooms and the bedrooms. Cleaning will take time and you need to give it couple of days and obviously with the help of your family members.

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