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Eazymover been providing moving and packing services to myriad of customer in different sector to meet the needs

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We are deeply committed to our customer and we would like to assure all our existing and prospective clients that we are and always provide finest relocation services.

In conclusion, Relocating to a new place can be a stress-free activity when professional hands are hired. Considering any moving services such as house or office move, transportation, manpower support, piano mover which are reliable and affordable in Malaysia, EAZY Mover is the answer. EAZY Mover feels that moving will have to be a breeze, so it provides you with a smooth and excellent relocating experience. Besides giving the beast and outstanding moving experience to its clients at the most cost effective, EAZY Mover is committed to making your moving secured and protected with their dedicated experts by employing the most effective approach to their services. In the light of the above, the combination attributes of EAZY Mover of its quick response to distress calls, affordable services, affordable moving services, the company is highly recommended. For any of your next moving activities, take a decision to go for the professionals today by visiting us.

We’ll Do the Heavy Lifting For You

Our Mission

EAZY Mover is a efficient and proficient moving company that offers full range of relocation, disposal, packing and transportation services. We provide intelligence and manpower services to ensure entire relocation process is smooth and free of hurdles.

We believe that our experience gives us the confidence and will ensure the relocation a stress-free, smooth, secure and enjoyable process. Our professionalism, meticulous strategy and reliability, making every of our client’s move a success story. We believe in building long-term relationships with our clients.

Our Values

We have developed a approaches to meet the relocation needs of our clients, named it EAZY Process, this simple three-step process enables us to Discover, Discuss and Deliver the positive outcome that fit any customer requirements. Discover is the process of on getting the details of our client relocation request prior organize the move. Therefore, we will did a site survey to understand the actual needs. We will Discuss and communicate internally and externally to facilitate the necessary resources and equipments that fit for the relocation needs. Eventually, with everything in place, we will Deliver your equipments safely and professionally to your destination.

Residential Moves

We have assisted our clients with room moving, condo moving, and landed property moving services. 

Commercial Moves

It come with various shape of need as customer could running in business sector, hence special tools or equipment have to be prepared on the moving date.

Long Distance Moves

Mainly focus on the west Malaysia interstate moving that sources or destination located at the Kuala Lumpur centre

Our Advantages


Transportation Co compatibly performs according to its specifications and responsibilities which is based on its mission.


Our Company is committed to client satisfaction, reliability and safety! We are responsible for service we provide.


We embrace transparency on the quote and services deliverable which allow our clients to rely on our with trust

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