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Commercial Mover

Commercial Movers Services


EAZY movers help private and public entities like business companies and governmental organizations when moving to another office, headquarters, and workplace or in event preparation. When it comes to commercial moving, we understand the need to weigh in cost against the anticipated interruption of business operations to get the optimal value.  Office movers in Malaysia should facilitate relocation as efficiently as possible to ensure business operations to resume the soonest possible.  Efficiency involves to getting the job done on-time, ensuring all physical assets or equipment are delivered,  having sufficient personnel and right tool to fulfill services and receiving the quality service that you need.

1. Office Movers Malaysia


In helping organizations in relocating to a new office, EAZY Movers follow a standard process and methodology to ensure a systematic and organized way to handle the relocation and transportation of office furniture and equipment.  First of all, a site survey is conducted of the offices where your property will be taken and brought to create an optimal plan for the relocation procedure.  Second, we create an inventory of furniture and equipment to ensure everything is accounted for.  We create schedule of the process which included dismantling of items, packing, transportation, unpacking, assembly and others.  We then prepare a quotation that included scope of work and recommend ancillary services that client might need.  You can expect that our service will be rendered with a touch of professionalism and respectfulness from start to end.

2. IT Equipment and Relocation


One of the major challenges faced by office movers in Malaysia is the moving of IT equipment and other office machineries or facilities. These apparatus can have complicated structures including sophisticated systems and connections. Without proper planning and expertise, moving any of these parts can lead to a disaster. Under this heading, EAZY Movers take extra attention in handling relocation and handling of equipment which is the lifeblood of many businesses.

  • An experienced movers is always involved in planning the moving of IT equipment. This is to benefits customer in below value:
    • Minimise system downtime
    • Ensure that office system becomes up and running soonest
  • We usually advise customer to backup data in advance to avoid data losses that could hurt the business.

We prepare the necessary boxes and kits needed for packing IT equipment e.g. monitors CPU’s, printers, and other paraphernalia to ensure that they are protected from accidental bumps or crashes and they can be handled more effectively.

3. Assemble / Dissemble Services


Dismantling and assembling are two important steps in moving equipment in order to reduce risk of breaking equipment and avoid damage. Unlike other ordinary office movers in Malaysia, we have skilled employees that specialize in the disconnecting/ disconnecting and dismantling and assembling IT equipment to ensure or prevent any unnecessary damage to occur.  We also conduct on site survey of the place to move in and make recommendation for on-site modifications if needed to ensure full installation of equipment once they are moved in.

4. Other commercial use


EAZY movers provide commercial moving services for all types of moving needs including

  • Shipyard and freight moving
  • Event preparation and shifting
  • Furniture and appliance transport
  • Machinery and equipment relocation