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Moving to a new house can be exciting and stressful.  It is exciting because you are venturing and meeting new friends with new lease of life.  It is also stressful as you are leaving old friends or neighbours and start adapting to new environment.


You will also need to face the energy straining activities and hassle of planning your move, packing your belongings, transporting them and unpacking them again.  In this respect, House Movers Malaysia can come to the rescue to relieve of you of the stress in transporting your prized belongings safely and give you one less major problem to face in moving to your new house or apartment.

Condo relocation


Living in a condo is an emerging trend in Malaysia as more people go to urbanised centers to work and study. House Movers Malaysia have been experts in helping people move into condo communities.  With it professional and courteous employees, it promises speedy and efficient transporting services that will meet your schedule, distance and specific specifications hassle free.

With our long experience in providing moving services, we simply know what to do.  You can leave the moving to us as you sit back and relax while you focus on other more important things.

Terrace House Relocation


Terraced, linked, row or town houses are very common in Malaysia and throughout the world as a low cost housing option in a secured and safe estate.  Living in close proximity with another family or your neighbour entails selfless consideration and accommodation at all times. Home Movers Malaysia understands the need for speed and for cautiously moving within a limited area to avoid bothering or pestering neighbours in a terraced house.  We provide systematic way of unpacking your belongings so that you will leave fewer things lying around and make your little house tidy in no time.

 Room Relocation


If you are planning to transfer to a new room within the same building, House Movers Malaysia can provide immediate support to assist you with your things as equally and efficiently as possible.  Whether it is an unexpected or impulsive decision, we provide on demand services that can quickly respond to your call for help. We completed the moving faster with equipments like:

  • Hand trucks
  • Transport trollies
  • Utility dollies
  • Ropes/ straps
  • Stair roller

Tailgate Lorry for Heavy Items


One of the major concerns that people worry about when it comes to moving their things is how to transport heavy and big items such as large furniture, appliances and similar objects.  House Movers Malaysia have all the necessary equipment and vehicles to support the efficient and fast transport of said items.  It has heavy furniture sliders and pads, skates, and roller skids among others.


We have tailgate Lorries and vans/ trucks with hatches, which can be shifted up or down to ease loading and unloading heavy items and objects. In moving items, we make sure of taking utmost care of your valued possessions much like our own.  We ensure that your things are moved free from damages.

Pricing & Rate 

House Movers Malaysia provide one of the most affordable and reasonable home/ house moving services in Malaysia.  You only pay for what you need.  We ensure transparent pricing for our services by detailing the factors that contribute to the price/ rate of our services including

  • Number of furniture (1 Ton / 3 Ton Lorry)
  • Distance (Long or Short)
  • Added services (e.g. boxes and dismantling services)
  • Conditions of destination (Lift / Non-Lift)

In this way, you can be sure that all the cost you will pay for are all reasonably accounted. Refer to pricing table.