1. Wrapping and Packing Services

EAZY Movers are professional Movers and Packers in Malaysia to help you relocate in your new home stress free and hassle free.  The thought alone of moving to a different place is demanding and hectic enough for you so we are here to assist you in your packing and transporting your prized belongings and give you one less major concern to worry about. We are a team of professional movers who can provide you with a complete range of services that will make your relocation smooth, easy and fast. Among the major concerns that you will face when relocating is packing your stuff.  And EAZY Movers have the right personnel and efficient methodology to do the packing your behalf.

2. Fast and Easy

Experience Men for packing & wrapping. One of our major assets in our relocation services are our experienced personnel that handles packing and wrapping your possessions.  Our team of professional packers knows the importance of your properties that’s why we handle them with utmost care as if we own them.  We have ready to use durable boxes that you can get to ensure that safety of your things. We have corrugated boxes for typical lightweight items, Grand Wardrobe Boxes for your important clothes and Glasses Storages Boxes for fragile items.   And your stuff will be packed systematically so that you optimize space in your boxes, your things will be safe from breakages, nothing will be lost and you can all your things will be easy to find.  Our packing is done with unpacking your stuff in our minds.

3. Process and Steps

How we start to pack? When we pack, we make an inventory of all your important items. In that way, we ensure that valuable things are properly accounted for.  We organize things based on their size, material, use and likeness among others. For instance, all clothing’s are placed together in one box.  This may include items made of fabrics like blankets and towels. We also help in dismantling furniture and appliance (e.g. work station) for easy handling.  We either prioritize our packing based on your instruction or based on our experience.  In some instances, some customers may donate or dispose some stuff.  When wrapping up boxes, we mark the boxes to indicate what is inside. We usually include boxes meant to be discarded, to be sold or to be donated.

4. Final

What we will pack first? Before we start packing, we actually give time for our customer to secure his or her most valuable possessions such as jewelries, cash, important documents, etc. We discourage packing your valuables but advise you to keep them with you when you move.   When we start packing, we follow the customary practice of most Movers and Packers in Malaysia. We usually start in the less commonly used areas like storage rooms and guest rooms.  In this way, we leave the more functional rooms such as kitchen, living room and bathroom to remain operational until it’s needed.

Prepare to upload to truck next day.  Depending on the quantity of your stuff and the size of your house, packing can take a day or two.  But before leaving, we will arrange the packed boxes methodically so that they can be lifted and placed into the transport vehicle safely, efficiently and systematically.

Storage Services. Like other professional Movers and Packers Malaysia, EXMovers provide storage services as ancillary service to our clients.  We provide secure storage options to temporarily hold your possessions while waiting for your decision to transport them to your new place.